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Ketchum Bike Ride and more

We had been running hard all week and decided to let the kids sleep in and get a late start. We left the house around 11 and headed towards Ketchum on bikes to have some fun.  We went and got some drinks, ran some errands and then the much anticipated Spider Bungy Jump at the River Run Lodge

On our way to Ketchum 

Bungy Jump flying upside down

How is that hat staying on? These kids did over 10 back flips in a row. We are dizzy just watching.

We ended the day with a great night as a family at the symphony. 

Red Fish Lake and a hike to Fish Hook Creek

A trip to Sun Valley in the summer usually means a trip to Red Fish Lake for our family. Red Fish Lake sits at 6,550ft and is located  60 miles north of Ketchum, ID and 5 miles south of Stanley. The lake is 5 miles long and has a sandy beach, marina and lodge at the north end of the lake. The lodge was first built in 1929 and sits on 16 acres US Forest Service permitted land.

This year we decided to add a hike to our annual trip to Red Fish. We researched some different hikes and while we thought of a hike that left from the south end of Red Fish Lake via a boat shuttle would be fun we decided to hike Fish Hook Creek. This hike leaves from the visitor’s parking area and is a 4.10 mile round trip hike.

Ready set, hike!

Practicing her form…

Unbelievable view

Family pic from Fish Hook Creek.

Now its beach time at Red Fish

Boat ride, we rented a 16ft boat and toured the lake. It took us about 25 min to drive from the north end of the lake to the south end.

View from Fish Hook Ceeek. 

Taylor Canyon  Loop Hike 

On Tuesday we went and hiked Taylor Canyon, which is just a few miles outside of Ketchum.  The hike was fun as it gave us a different perspective and view onto HWY 75 which travels through Ketchum, Galena and up past Stanley. From our view we could see Baldy Mountain and up towards Galena. 

Ready set go! Taylor Canyon here we come!

Up up up we go…. 

Baldy Mt. in the backround

Hey we ski over there

Checking out the view..

All that up up and up and now we get to go down down down.

There is where we are going. 

Dinner at the Symphony in Sun Valley

This is not your average symphony.  The Sun Valley Symphony is the largets privately funded free symphony in America. It is played in a 1,600 seat outdoor but covered pavilion with a massive lawn fitted with over  30 speaker towers and a 14 X 25 ft LED screen so viewers on the lawn can watch the performers.  Families, friends and individuals gather on the lawn, enjoying food and drink as well as the live music by a world class symphony.  
Tonights show was a Family Concert with a few students from the Sun Valley Summer School of Music playing. The final program was Peter and the Wolf and it was narrated which made it really fun. Different instruments represented differents animals, for example the bird was a flute, the duck was an oboe, the cat was a clarinet, the wolf was a group of three horns and Peter was the strings. It was fun hearing the story teller walk thru the story with the musicians bringing it alive.  Job well done Sun Valley Symphony! 

Dinner and drinks before the show

A view from the lawn showing the pavilion and the “big screen “

A look inside the pavilion 

Tia and Dylan playing frisbee in the lawn along with 100 other kids

It was a success!

Hailey Park, Splash Park and more…

On Monday we decided to ride bikes to Hailey to play at the park as well as the splash pad. Then that night we went to the Sun Valley Symphony, which is as much people watching as it is listening to music. 

Dylan cruising on his new bike. He is really liking the gears so he can keep up.

Tia leading the crew as we head towards Hailey 

Never too old for a tire swing

Splash park was a success, kids are now cooled off!

Sun Valley Symphony opening night of The Firebird 

Baldy Mt in the background to the right. 

Ice cream cones were a hit, double scoop night! 

Norton Lake Hike

Sunday we hiked up to Norton Lake -Big Lost Lake -Smokey Lake Loop. It was a 5.4 mile loop with a elevation gain of 1,600 ft. Elevation range frim 7,650 to 9,300 ft.

The kids did great, some minor complaining at the beginning, during our biggest elevation gain of 1,300 ft. (Alex was silently complaining as well, but hey this is when its great to have kids cause we get lots of breaks, ha ha). Once we got through that it opened up to the first lake, Norton Lake and it was beautiful.  We then continued on to Big Lost Lake and then to Smoky Lake. 

All smiles as we head off. The kids were troopers.

One of many breaks up the 1300 ft gain to Norton Lake

We made it to the first lake

On our way to Big Lost Lake

Big Lost Lake

Climbing down to Smokey Lake

Smokey Lake

Great hike for all of us… off to the next hike soon.

Family Road Trip

Able to stop and visit Melissa and Clint in Fairfield, Henry and Lyza were a hit with Tia.

Traveled all day with a few pit stops but made it in time for dinner, at 9:30. But hey its vacation.