Norton Lake Hike

Sunday we hiked up to Norton Lake -Big Lost Lake -Smokey Lake Loop. It was a 5.4 mile loop with a elevation gain of 1,600 ft. Elevation range frim 7,650 to 9,300 ft.

The kids did great, some minor complaining at the beginning, during our biggest elevation gain of 1,300 ft. (Alex was silently complaining as well, but hey this is when its great to have kids cause we get lots of breaks, ha ha). Once we got through that it opened up to the first lake, Norton Lake and it was beautiful.  We then continued on to Big Lost Lake and then to Smoky Lake. 

All smiles as we head off. The kids were troopers.

One of many breaks up the 1300 ft gain to Norton Lake

We made it to the first lake

On our way to Big Lost Lake

Big Lost Lake

Climbing down to Smokey Lake

Smokey Lake

Great hike for all of us… off to the next hike soon.