Dinner at the Symphony in Sun Valley

This is not your average symphony.  The Sun Valley Symphony is the largets privately funded free symphony in America. It is played in a 1,600 seat outdoor but covered pavilion with a massive lawn fitted with over  30 speaker towers and a 14 X 25 ft LED screen so viewers on the lawn can watch the performers.  Families, friends and individuals gather on the lawn, enjoying food and drink as well as the live music by a world class symphony.  
Tonights show was a Family Concert with a few students from the Sun Valley Summer School of Music playing. The final program was Peter and the Wolf and it was narrated which made it really fun. Different instruments represented differents animals, for example the bird was a flute, the duck was an oboe, the cat was a clarinet, the wolf was a group of three horns and Peter was the strings. It was fun hearing the story teller walk thru the story with the musicians bringing it alive.  Job well done Sun Valley Symphony! 

Dinner and drinks before the show

A view from the lawn showing the pavilion and the “big screen “

A look inside the pavilion 

Tia and Dylan playing frisbee in the lawn along with 100 other kids

It was a success!