Red Fish Lake and a hike to Fish Hook Creek

A trip to Sun Valley in the summer usually means a trip to Red Fish Lake for our family. Red Fish Lake sits at 6,550ft and is located  60 miles north of Ketchum, ID and 5 miles south of Stanley. The lake is 5 miles long and has a sandy beach, marina and lodge at the north end of the lake. The lodge was first built in 1929 and sits on 16 acres US Forest Service permitted land.

This year we decided to add a hike to our annual trip to Red Fish. We researched some different hikes and while we thought of a hike that left from the south end of Red Fish Lake via a boat shuttle would be fun we decided to hike Fish Hook Creek. This hike leaves from the visitor’s parking area and is a 4.10 mile round trip hike.

Ready set, hike!

Practicing her form…

Unbelievable view

Family pic from Fish Hook Creek.

Now its beach time at Red Fish

Boat ride, we rented a 16ft boat and toured the lake. It took us about 25 min to drive from the north end of the lake to the south end.

View from Fish Hook Ceeek.