Monthly Archives: November 2016

Dylan earned an Appreciative Award at school!

Dylan with his buddies at school

First game of the season….here we go Hornets!

Vacation with a Purpose – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Most of the gang, waiting for our rental cars

Our kids with some  of the kids at our Mexican sister church

Heading to dinner at one of the hotel restaurants 

Tia and Grace playing in the ocean

Dylan ang Trigg playing in the hotel pool

The kids playing soccer with the kids at our Mexican sister church 

Some of the ladies showing off their beaded bracelets they just made

The guys cutting the tires to make the mosquito traps

Finished mosquito traps

View from Ay Carramba, a hilltop/rooftop restaurant overlooking downtown Puerto Vallarta 

Surf and turf…..absolutely delicious ! 

Baby turtles being born! a typical batch hatches 75-125 turtles!

Just a little chameleon  visitor! 

Mexican coffee!….on fire with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Dylan, Haylee and Kinsley with one of the local children

Some of the ladies showing off their second jewelry project ! 

A view of our hotel at night

A view from our hotel looking out to the beach…..just beautiful ! 

Many more fun times!

Go Cougs!

Check out this metallic gold car we saw at UW!

UW women’s basketball season opener

Dylan with his buddies, Jimmy and Joey

Tia and Alexa….Oldies night at Eco Group

I LOVE my ‘new’ painting!!…so many memories within this frame! thank you mom!!

A busy couple of months!

Tia’s volleyball team

Pike Place Market with mom and dad

Langley on Whidbey Island with grandpa and grandma 

Making apple cider

Lunch on Whidbey Island with Dom

Tia and Dylan hanging out in Langley 

Dylan with his buddy, Cowboy