Christmas in Sun Valley

It was fun to join together in Sun Valley with the Johnson and Mattson (Jinna and Matt) families for Christmas this year (2017 Christmas)

Peter from New York; Jeff, Andrea, Anneli and Martina from Seattle; Jinna and Matt from Kirkland; us- Alex, Alayne, Tia and Dylan. And of course hosting – Momo and Papa.

All set and ready for everyone Alex to arrive from Seattle

Kona even made the trip

Dylan opening his new fly box for fishing

Tia – such a beautiful smile

Momo is excited about her new “Ring” doorbell. Good work Papa

Not sure what to say about this box- ha ha

Momo opening her new painting commissioned by Alayne- this is a painting of Momo’s childhood home.

Says it all. Ha ha

Pretty sure that the dogs outnumber humans in this house – Jinna and Roxy

In Ketchum

Anneli’s last Christmas as a high schooler. She graduates from Nathan Hale in June.

Tia and Alayne

The family- minus Peter- behind the camera

Christmas 2017 so blessed to be have our families join together to celebrate Christ’s birth.