Epic Year of Skiing in Sun Valley

The 2017 ski season across the west will be remembered for its epic snow fall and amazing skiing. Sun Valley had over 100in of snow fall in the month of February which is a record. As of March 10th total snow fall is 299 in. That is 24 ft 11in of snow and more is in the forecast. 

This will also be the year we will look back on and see how the kids have turned the corner in skiing as well as loving to ski.  Dylan skied his first Double Black Diamond this ski trip, we went down the Fire Trail run. Huge moguls, very narrow as you work down the trees and amazing soft snow made for a very successful and challenging first double black diamond run. Way to go Dylan! 

After a few days of crazy mountain weather and us finding other mountain activities we hit the slopes. Love that we do this as a family. Families that ski together stay together.

Love hitting the slopes together.

Tia 13 and Dylan 11 getting some fresh cords. 

Jeff, Andrea, Alayne and Alex

Dylan was determined to get up first on the mountain on ski day #2. We made it to 5th in line for the gondola. We only had to wait 45 min for the lifts to open. 

Riding up the cold springs chair. Rumor has it this is its last year and will be replaced by a high speed quad. 

Alex learned to ski at Stevens Pass with Ski Laufers ski school and this year we got the chance to ski with Tom Hansen who help start and run the ski school and was one of Alex, Jeff and Peters instructors. He is still certified and gave the kids some fantastic tips while up on the hill. His dad John still skis at 90. 

Selfie stick capturing the fun

Martina 13, Dylan 11, Anneli 17, Tia 13

River Run lodge after three days of amazing skiing 

On our way home and taking a minute to capture all of this snow. Mom and dad already had the roof shoveled once. The driveway had so much snow that a front loader tractor had to come in to move it higher since the snow blower couldn’t blow it any higher. 

Some videos of the kids, click on the link below to watch them on YouTube:

Dylan skiing 

Mix of the kids skiing:

Another video of the kids skiing:

Montana and Sun Valley

Grandpa and Gramma

All the cousins

Sierra and Corbin

Gramma and Grandpa with Corbin

Snowshoeing in Galena

Fun in the snow at Galena

Happy dog!….Kona loves the snow!

1st puzzle down! 1000 pieces

Snowshoeing on the ski trail….woops!

Beautiful, blue bird day on Baldy Mountain!